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BUTANEXT: Next generation biobutanol


Press release announcing the launch of the ButaNexT project. 

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D7.7 | Data Management Plan

Policy for managing the research data and scientific publications produced within ButaNexT

D5.2 | Performances and pollutant emissions of a diesel engi

Study on the effect of n-butanol on engine emissions and performance

D2.1 | Lignocellulosic Biomass: Supply and characterization

Report on methods and laboratory equipment used for the biomass characterization

D3.1 | Butanol tolerant high yielding butanol strain...

Report on research into robust fermentation microbes with an increased tolerance to butanol.


D3.2 | High yielding butanol strain on cellulosic sugar

Report on research into microorganisms with an increased tolerance to feedstock derived inhibitors.

D3.3 | Genome sequence analysis of improved strains

Report on research into genome re-sequencing of butanol tolerant and inhibitor tolerant strains

D3.4 | Performance Data on Cellulosic Sugar with...

Report covering the technical work performed by GBL to improve fermentation performance

D3.5 | Performance data with VITO fed-batch & continuous...

Report evaluating the performance differences between fed-batch and continuous fermentation methods


Modeling viscosity of butanol and ethanol blends with diesel
Kinematic viscosities were measured for ethanol and n-butanol blends with diesel and biodiesel fuels, showing that...
Strategies to Introduce n-Butanol in Gasoline Blends
This paper shows the most relevant properties when replacing ethanol by renewable n-butanol.   Abstract: The use of...
Biobutanol production from C5/C6 carbohydrates integrated...
Biobutanol production from C5/C6 carbohydrates integrated with pervaporation: experimental results and conceptual plant...
Autoignition of blends of n-butanol and ethanol with ....
This work investigates the effect of butanol concentration on diesel and biodiesel blends on the autoignition time,...
Modelling evaporative losses in n-alcohol/diesel fuel blends
Alcohol/diesel fuel blends allow reducing the formation of soot in diesel engines. However, its use in a large scale...