One step closer to cost competitive biobutanol

Converting biomass into bioenergy is an old process. The real challenge is to make the process both more sustainable and economically sound. The EU-funded ButaNexT project aims to do exactly that, and after 2.5 years of research it is clear that the technology is there. However, what works in a lab does not necessarily work in a plant. This is why ButaNexT is not just aiming to advance the state of the art, but to pave the way towards commercially sustainable biobutanol plants.


With 6 more months to go until completion, ButaNexT is set to be a milestone project on the road towards sustainable biofuels. While socio economic impact analysis are underway, project partners have already started to present the technical innovation to EU stakeholders through trainings and workshops.


Biomass for sustainable biofuels and biobased products: from lab to pilot plant


The latest of such events was hosted by Spain’s National Centre for Renewable Energies CENER – one of the key scientific partners of the project – on 17 October 2017. This was an opportunity to give research centres and industry an overview of the project’s main lessons learnt in the areas of enzyme cocktails, strain development, fermentation and pervaporation processes in the biobutanol production.


The following topics will be covered at the workshop:

   · Identifying the main challenges and bottlenecks during the scale-up of bioprocesses from lab to pilot plant,

   · Presenting some successful projects that involve the scale-up of the production of biobased products,

   · Showing the latest outcomes of H2020 ButaNexT project on the improvement of biobutanol's production,

   · Visiting CENER’s Bioprocess Pilot plant in Aoiz (Navarra)


Have a look at this video to know more about ButaNexT


See the agenda of the workshop “Biomass for sustainable biofuels and biobased products: from lab to pilot plant”


You can find all the PowerPoint presentation below:


  - Presentation of CENER activities – Javier Gil Barnó, CENER


  - Micronising prototype development for controlled particle size biomass powder production - Clemente Garcia Redondo, Técnicas Reunidas


  - Upscaling the enzyme production - Petri Ihalainen, MetGen


  - Clostridial Strain Development: improving the ABE process - Holly Smith, Green Biologics Ltd.


  - Organophilic pervaporation for ABE recovery: from lab to pilot - Wouter Van Hecke, VITO


  - Integrating and upscaling pretreatment, enzymatic hydrolysis and fermentation processes - Irantzu Alegría, CENER


  - Biorefinery: Converting waste into resources to obtain high added value products - Carles Palanca, Biopolis


  - Collaborative experience optimizing and upscaling agro-biological products - Carol Bejarano, Iden Biotechnology


  - Conclusions