Improving butanol yields: read the progress made by ButaNexT

A key part of the ButaNexT project is to increase butanol yields by improving fermentation performance.


In more detail the key goals are to replace current, inefficient batch processes for biobutanol production with more sustainable continuous processing. This will overcome the need for energy intensive distillation to separate the bioproducts from water and to allow the utilisation of lower cost and more sustainable feedstocks based on agricultural and domestic residues (cellulosic sugars).


Green Biologics aimed to improve fermentation performance by generating and using next generation microorganisms that have an increased tolerance to butanol and feedstock derived inhibitors. Results of their work are now available in our publications section, specifically Deliverables 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 and 3.4.


VITO coupled the process with In-Situ Product Recovery (ISPR), evaluating the difference in performance between fed-batch and continuous fermentations. Their outcomes are also now accessible in the publications section, in Deliverable 3.5.