Get a glimpse into the ButaNexT vehicle testing at UCLM

A key part of the ButaNexT project is to find the optimal blends of biobutanol with gasoline, diesel and conventional biofuels (bioethanol & biodiesel), to accelerate the use of butanol in conventional vehicles.


This involves testing performance and emissions with real vehicles, which is currently being carried out at a special facility by the University of Castilla La Mancha (UCLM). The researchers have offered us a glimpse into their activities, recording a video during a recent test session. 


The video starts with a view of the control room. From the window you can see the vehicle inside of the climatic chamber (on the chassis dyno). The control screen shows that the temperature in the chamber is -6.6ºC.


From within the car we see how the driver is following the defined cycle (second 1.20 to 1.40), with periods of acceleration and constant speed. The driver must keep within the green lines which correspond to the upper and lower speed limits.


At the rear of the vehicle we see the exhaust tube connection. The sampling probes are shown, which pump the exhaust to the particle and gas analyzers.